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Residential PC Services:

Computer needs a frequent maintenance and updating, especially if connected to an always-on broadband connection. Daily there are new vulnerabilities and system needs to be patched against these vulnerabilities. Service packs are important in keeping your PC up-to-date.

The truth is that most PCs these days, either from a brand name manufacturer or a no-name brand, can easily be serviced and diagnosed by any capable technician. Parts are generally universal and if not, compatible parts can usually be located quickly.

When it comes to computers, you are at the right spot. Not only you get a professional help, but also your computers will work like never before. We offer following services:

iTune, iPod, iPhone, iPad - any issues. We will help you with backup, restore, upgrades, transfering music from iPod to newly purchased computer. Or simply you just want to learn more about it. We can show you how to have one central calendar online and iPod,iPhone and iPad all sync together. And much more.

Home Office Support - If you have a home office then we are here to help you with anything you need around that. From setting it up your home office network, regular maintenance.

Virus and Spyware Removal - Virus or Spyware can completely freeze your PC. We can install, monitor and administer virus removal software for you.

On-Site Diagnostics - Diagnostics can uncover hidden bugs. Having preventative maintenance and a routine computer cleanup is essential to keeping your PC up and running. Do not wait untill you need a root canal. Go to the dentist and have your teeth checked.

Repairs and Upgrades - Is your computer running slow? Do you have start-up issues? Or perhaps have you been attacked. Do not worry we can assist you. Is your computer not all it used to be? We can speed it up by upgrading the components in it. We can even add new components. If you have just purchased a new computer we can help you set it up.

Data Recovery - we can help you when you harddrive crashes. We can help you with a complete disaster recovery.

Backup and Restoration Services - When a system crashes, rebuilding it can be tough. We show you how to back up your PC. You do not have to buy all of your iTunes songs again.

Wireless Networking - We will setup and configure and protect your home wireless network.

New System Setup - If you purchased new system, we will be happy to set it up for you.

Printer Repair - Printer not working? Printer support is part of PC support.

Anything Else? - Any questions don't hesitate to call Cape Cod PC Support.

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