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Cape Cod PC Support Helpfull Tips

Get A Yearly Computer CheckupCape Cod Chick
Computers are prone to hundreds of thousands of viruses and bugs, just like you and me. However, they don't know how to tell you when they're feeling ill. Even the most savvy computer users can miss certain important steps required in order to keep their computer in healthy condition. Getting a routine computer "checkup" by a certified professional is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your computer maintains its speed and efficiency for years to come.

Enable Windows Update
Make sure to enable Windows Update via the Control Panel. Windows Update, when configured correctly, automatically downloads the latest Microsoft Windows security updates and patches. Keeping your computer up to date is absolutely vital to the health of your PC and will help to ensure the longevity and quality of your computing experience.

Use a Subordinate User Account
In plain English, don't use the Administrator account for everyday computer use. Many viruses take advantage of user privelages associated with certain accounts, such as the Administrator. Also, make sure that each of the accounts registered on your computer has a password. If you have old accounts that are no longer in use, be sure to delete them.

Use Anti-Virus and Firewall Software
Using Anti-Virus and Firewall software should be considered a necessary practice no matter how or for how long you use your computer. There's absolutely no way to be sure which files you download may contain malware. Using Anti-Virus and Firewall software helps to combat attackers and viruses from getting into your computer and causing damage.

Keeping my computer from crashing
There are many variables which may contribute to the corruption of a computer's data. Like any other machine, the most effective way to ensure your computer's stability is to have it cleaned and inspected as often as possible.

Malware, or "Malicious Software," is simply a blanket term for any software created for a purpose viewed as malicious or unethical. "Malware" can be used to refer to Viruses, Spy-ware and Ad-ware. "Viruses" are programs which duplicate themselves from computer to computer and perform whatever function for which they were programmed. "Spy-ware" is usually used by unethical individuals or companies to retrieve personal information about computer users, whether it be statistical or financial. "Ad-ware" is often packaged with other applications, which you may have found online for free, and causes pop-up ads to be displayed on your monitor.

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