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Cloud Computing Solutions:

You probably wonder what is cloud computing. It is
a wave of a futures. You no longer need to host expensing inhouse solutions for your business. All the services are provided by the internet. They are
in the cloud. This cloud-based services include suite
of email, calendar, IM, and collaboration tools customized and fitted to your particular business.
The only thing that is required is internet access.

We provide consulting service with proper expertize to get the most out ot could solutions or another words Software-As-Sercices (SaaS). We specialze in Google Apps Solutions and focus on three distinct areas:

» Strategic Business Process Consulting
» Worry-free Managed Service Contracts
» Comprehensive Proactive Support
» Migration (usually from MS Exchange to Google Apps)

The software as a service (SaaS) model is a way of providing the same software to different customers via a network, usually the Internet. In other words, the software is not hosted on on your individual computers and you do not need a server. Under the SaaS model, service providing vendor is responsible for the creation, updating, and maintenance of software. You as a customers buy a subscription to access it, which includes a separate license, or seat, for each person that will use the software.

The Saas model can add efficiency and cost savings for you customer since you do not have to install and maintain programs. You do not have to hire staff, or use existing staff to maintain the software. You also generally do not have to buy any new hardware. This allows you to focus more resources on growing your business.

Shifting the burden of software hosting and development to the vendor can also speed up the time it takes for you customer to see a return on the software investment. Using the SaaS model, the number of seats can be increased as the business grows. You just buy them if you need them. This is usually faster and cheaper than purchasing another license and adding to another computer as with traditional software.

If you completely outgrows the software, you can simply discontinue the subscription at the end of the current contract. In such a cancellation, applications typically do not have to be removed from the customer's computers. Generally, the canceling customer maintains ownership of any proprietory data entered into the SaaS application.


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